Coordinated Services Options

The following are some of the ways that Actuate Social can work with you via our managed services. To preserve the integrity of social communication and relationship building, only clients who have participated with us via our consulting services are eligible for managed services. These are examples of options, but managed services programs are customizable to meet your needs. Each week, we contact you to get the information we need to keep your moving ahead.

Basic Social Media Presence – Designed to create brand awareness on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+.

  • Post 3-5 times per week customized to the voice of the client or brand.

Basic Social Media Presence – Designed to create brand awareness – LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

  • Post 3-5 times per week to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google +; Post 2-3 times per day to Twitter.

Email Newsletters – Create a deeper relationship with your prospects/network.

  • Collaborate on content creation; layout and proof approval process is provided by Actuate Social.
  • Consists of personal introduction, blog/featured article, easter egg, promotion and contact information/links. (promotional email only – $45 per email)
  • Send to email database and social media channels; Tracking/database management included.

Blogs – Share knowledge, expertise, and your authentic voice.

  • Write 1 blog per week recommended – Client provides basic content on topics; written, edited, coordinated and posted by Actuate Social.

Linked In Strategy – Create top-of-mind awareness within your network.

  • Post live content and tag network member, organization or company to increase brand ambassadorship, 1-2 times per week.
  • Create bi-weekly question for top 5-7 groups to engage conversation. Blog link used if allowed and applicable to increase website traffic.
  • Provide engagement points/discussions for client interaction.
  • Send monthly targeted email to tagged contacts (small batch).

Facebook Strategy – Increase brand reach, likes, engagement and website traffic

  • Post live content and tag network member, organization or company to increase brand ambassadorship and awareness, 3 times per week.
  • Upload photos.
  • Follow responses.
  • Create and track weekly targeted ad (ad budget controlled by client).
  • Post events.

Twitter – Increase visibility within relevant trending topics leading to website clicks.

  • Post 5-7 times per day, using targeted keywords to increase visibility within trending topics.
  • Retweet 3 times per week, from targeted market or influencers.
  • Monitor @mentions engagements/follows.
  • Create #FF Follow Friday postings based on latest followers.
  • Provide direct response to new followers with additional calls to action to engage.

Google+ – Increase visibility search rankings, website traffic and reviews.

  • Post live content to targeted 2-3 communities using relevant #hashtags, 2 times per week.
  • Provide +1 engagements on newsfeed, 1 time per week.
  • Monitor trending topics and what’s hot, if necessary.


“Lisa is my go-to person when I don’t know how to do something or when I just don’t want to. She has been brilliant. She has a can- do attitude that is like no other. Hire her immediately!”Beth Smith, A-list Interviews, Interview Trainer for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Hiring Managers