Coordinated Services

Actuate Social’s coordinated services are for our clients who have participated fully in our consultation services, understand the value of being social and recognize how being social works, but simply find they don’t have the time or employee power to take on content management and social engagement on their own.

Change happens over time. When you understand the need for change but struggle to find the time to put into it, we can take over.

How do our coordinated services work?


Once a week, our dedicated Coordinated Services Manager contacts you to discuss:

  • New news you want to share about your business
  • What you would like to educate your followers about
  • What your followers can collaborate with you on, provide an opinion on, etc.
  • What you would like to entertain your audience with/about.
  • And more!

We create the content for the posts and we post the content. Your job is to build and manage the relationships once the connections are made. We stay with you every step of the way to guide you through the process, if you have any questions or concerns. Our coordinated services are truly all about partnering for success.

Click here to see some of the ways we can work with you as your coordinated services partner.