Actuate Social’s Core Values

We live, work and breathe these core values every day at Actuate Social. They are who we are personally and professionally. When you work with us (or just watch us), you see these values come to life in everything we do.

A – Authenticity. Today’s networks allow us to be authentic and to embrace authenticity in ourselves and in others. When you are authentic, you attract who and what you want in your life.

C- Creative and Collaborative. Creativity and collaboration open up space to ask more questions, to be curious. When we move into this space, we are opening possibilities for change, as individuals and as groups.

T – Transparency. We demand transparency as consumers. We want to know what you stand for, how you hold yourself and your business accountable in the world, and why we should know/like/trust you.

U – Unique. Careful observers can discover what makes you unique. We are unique. You are unique. We want to share this with you and others.

A – Accountable. We hold you and ourselves accountable for stepping into our voices, truly understanding our audiences and knowing how to reach them where they are. We are accountable for collaboration and creativity, authenticity, and all of our core values.

T – Teamwork. It takes the effort of everyone around you to make your vision work.

E – Empowerment. Be a model to others. Make it possible for others to rise to the occasion and they will rise to the occasion.