About Lisa Haas

Lisa Haas

Founder & President of Actuate Social

IMG_5306Lisa lived in 14 states during her childhood, moving from Georgia, to South Dakota, to California, to name only a few of her stops. She worked jobs ranging from food server and bartender to floral designers to sales professional to corporate trainer. All of this has helped Lisa find her place as a curious and careful observer, who uses her past experiences to find her place in the present.

As a consummate communicator and social media expert, Lisa knows that seizing opportunities as they arise, noticing what is happening around you, and being resilient, tenacious and open to change, are key to inspiring and engaging others.

More than 10 years ago, Lisa found herself as a pioneer in the new industry of social media. Before everyone had a presence online, Lisa was exploring new ways to capitalize on what she knew was going to become the way people connect and do business. Today, she is a communication change agent for small, mid-sized and large businesses in Denver and from coast to coast, and an active and engaging keynote speaker who uses her voice to make change for audiences of any size.

“The gift of technology is the gift to connect.” – Lisa Haas

She is inspired by the way technology lets people connect and reconnect with family and friends, connect with businesses, and build relationships that otherwise would be non-existent.

“We become empowered. We create transparency. And we connect to people we would not have connected with before.”

Lisa recognized more than a decade ago that a true change agent was literally at her fingertips.

“We become empowered. We create transparency. And we connect to people we would not have connected with before.”Lisa Haas
Lisa combines more than two decades of skills she acquired as a sales executive, trainer, coach, mentor and social media expert with her passion to empower your voice through social communication channels, to change the way we do and talk about business.

Her speaking engagements, training and consulting programs put businesses on the road to managing their own social communication strategies. She shares techniques that have made her business and other businesses highly successful in increasing brand awareness, referrals, client loyalty and shortened sales cycles.

All of this, and she has fun doing it!

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Lisa is my go-to person when I don't know how to do something or when I just don't want to. She has been brilliant. She has a can- do attitude that is like no other. Hire her immediately!

Beth Smith Interview Trainer for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Hiring Managers A-list Interviews October 14, 2015