The 3 Newest and Biggest Changes in LinkedIn

If you are a LinkedIn user, you likely have seen the new look and layout of LinkedIn. Several changes were rolled out beginning in January 2017, and they are continuing into second quarter. Here are the biggest changes and how they can help you.

Biggest Changes in LinkedIn #1: Trending Storylines

LinkedIn’s new layout is focused on conversations and content, content, content. Instead of posts, they are encouraging Articles, complete with images and hashtags. Trending Storylines are a new feature that is addition to your LinkedIn main feed. They take the “best of” stories from your industry to create personalized content for you based on special LinkedIn algorithms. If you are in the Finance industry, for example, you may see articles from top content producers in that field whether or not you are connected to them.

LinkedIn has four main reasons for this update:

  1. To help you more easily engage in conversations. By using hashtags to create trending topics, they hope the personalized content will cause you to contribute to the dialogue.
  2. To help you learn more, and share more, content about your industry.
  3. To help you expand your network through discovering content from a range of sources of interest to you and with a variety of perspectives.
  4. To help you discover breaking news and content within your specific industries and interests.

LinkedIn has stated they have seen a 40% increase in engagement over last year as well as up to triple the referral traffic to top publishers, due to this shift in focus from posts to articles.

Biggest Changes in LinkedIn #2: Photo Filters

Within the LinkedIn Mobile App, photo filters allow an easier update of a profile picture.

“Simply having a profile photo results in up to 21x more profile views and 9x more connection requests.” Source: LinkedIn Blog

In addition to cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, you can apply one of six filters to create the custom, yet professional look desired for a LinkedIn profile picture. The six filters include: Spotlight, Prime, Studio, Classic, Edge and Guru.

With or without the filters, LinkedIn suggests using a photo with natural light, a simple background, and appropriate clothing for a professional image.

And more…

Finally, the biggest change in LinkedIn is that it was acquired officially by Microsoft, which means we can expect to see their products being integrated into the platform. Other new features include enhancements to search, messaging and engagement tracking. New LinkedIn tools “Pro Finder” and “Sales Navigator” are leveraging their vast database and we expect to see more professionals adopting these paid solutions in order to grow their businesses.

If you are looking to learn more ways to leverage LinkedIn and their new platform and tools to grow your business, we can help. Contact Actuate Social today to learn how our clients are doing just that with our unique relationship building social media strategies.

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