3 Reasons to Use Video Conferencing In Your Business

There is no doubt technology advances are changing the way we work. Think about it, cellphones and the internet have revolutionized how we do business. Remember pay phones and pagers? Now we have cellphones that take pictures and videos better than VHS models of old. Remember the days before Facebook? How did people keep in touch? And how have those few simple things changed how we interact with our vendors, employees, and customers?

Video is certainly the way of the future, as is video conferencing. Studies show over 90% of communication is non-verbal, which has created a lot of mess in e-mails and texting. Video will resolve some of that. We will again be able to see each other as though we are in the same room. Video once again allows us engage each other, build rapport and read those cues previously lost in text translation. Here are 3 ways for you to start leveraging video conferencing in your business:

Reduce travel expenses

Tired of coffee dates with potential clients all over town? Consider using video conferencing instead to meet with prospects. This saves on time, gas and even that daily coffee or muffin. With clients, determine if meeting in person makes good sense, or if you can use video conferencing instead. They say there is no substitute for an in-person meeting, but honestly there are times when a video conference is more than enough to accomplish the goal without the travel time, down time and expense.

Increase Productivity

Interact in real-time with collaborators rather than relying on endless email threads. Haven’t you ever missed an email, or read through the same information you’ve already seen? This can happen with threads, and those can more easily be worked out over a video conference. If your collaborators aren’t in the same area code as you, video conferencing allows you to work together as though you are all in the same room. Even if you are in the same zip code, trying to assemble together at the same time and location can be tricky, and a video conference gets you in the same room, without the burden of a commute.

Increase convenience

There will be times when using e-mail, text or a simple phone call will be the easiest or most convenient form of communication. It makes sense to do that. However, when things need to be seen or experienced, such a product roll-out or demonstration, white board communication, data sharing, or the look on the client’s face is crucial, video is the way to go.


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