3 Huge 2017 Social Media Trends to Use Now

business-1989130_1920Without a doubt the end of year/beginning of a new year always brings “best of” compilations and predictions. And of course we have ours to throw into the mix. We may have a unique bend on social media strategies and trends, because we are specifically looking at social engagement, not just posting. After all, if we aren’t connecting with our clients, what benefit is social media?

Huge 2017 Social Media Trend #1: Video. Including Streaming Video

Our “best of” pick: Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook Live made its debut in 2016 and we believe not only is it here to stay, but it is going to bring streaming into even more relevance.

Our predictions:

With Facebook Live (and others like Periscope), it is clear that video will continue to grow. Facebook Live is working to compete with YouTube for video viewership and it has long been known that video is huge in building rapport with potential clients. Front facing videos, professionally produced for your home page, landing pages and sales presentation have high conversion ratios. And authentic videos, such as those captured on your smart phone, are high engagement.

Facebook loves native content, so they will likely promote their own live videos above others, and the benefit of this is that they continue to promote them long after the live broadcast has aired. If you produced the video, you can download it and repurpose it, such as posting it on YouTube or into a blog on your website.

Huge 2017 Social Media Trend #2: Tele-experience

Our “best of” pick: Zoom Conferencing

Teleshopping and conference calls are like yesterday’s telecommuting- they are creating a new standard in how we connect and how we buy. Zoom Conferencing allows virtual meetings of two or more people, unlike Skype and other unreliable efforts such as Google Hangouts (sorry Google). This is allowing more collaboration and connection because you can see the other callers, unlike conference calls. This creates more authenticity, because the ability to see someone’s eyes makes the call more personalized. Transparency and engagement with others is the key component here.

Our predictions:

As virtual reality experiences are growing and becoming more accessible, we will see an increase in those using both live streaming and VR (virtual reality) to engage with social experiences from the comfort of our couches.

We expect as our lives get busier, we will see more board meetings, team meetings, conferences, etc. via streaming and video conferencing. Teleshopping will increase, even incorporating VR so the user has the experience of shopping with others, but without having the home party or having to commute to a physical location.

Huge 2017 Social Media Trend #3: Apps.

Do we really need to say more here? New low code rapid app development is making applications a huge game changer in business in a few different ways. First, businesses are using internal apps to speed up business processes and better communicate with staff, vendors and/or consumers. Second, apps are allowing for segmentation of users, making the experience even more personalized and more streamlined than ever before.

Our “best of” pick: SnapChat

SnapChat is the first social platform really designed for nearly exclusive app usage. The average user is under 18, but that demographic is changing as the understanding of its use is growing.

Our predictions:

Geofilters and custom filters are a great marketing tool for companies focused on a younger demographic, and/or those with destination or event based businesses. Unique filters are allowing users to SnapChat themselves at an event and brand the location, and the super low price (around $100) for this option is making it very accessible to businesses.

We will continue to see apps being developed by businesses to generate a following of loyal clients- after all, if a potential customer has your app, they have basically granted you permission to advertise to them and have already made the commitment to engage.

A caution about apps and automation however: Autoresponders and chat bots will hurt your credibility if not done right. Check out this blog for more on the Triple A’s of Engagement.

Are you ready to jump into the hottest 2017 social media trends? Contact Actuate Social today to learn more about our training programs that will get you up to speed and innovating your customer engagement today.



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